Petition of the Antwerp panelmakers (13 November 1617). Antwerp City Archives, Guilds and Trades, 4346

The Jordaens Van Dyck Panel Paintings Project (JVDPPP) is an innovative multidisciplinary art historical initiative co-founded by Dr. Joost Vander Auwera and Drs. Justin Davies. The project is systematically studying the oil paintings on oak panels by Jacques Jordaens (1593-1678) and Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641). JVDPPP is a collaboration between the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium and the University of Amsterdam. The four-year project is fully funded by Fonds Baillet Latour and began in 2016.

The JVDPPP website has been greatly expanded with many new and essential documents on the 17th Century Antwerp panel makers. Several of the newly added documents are published or translated into English for the very first time.

The 13 November 1617 petition of the panel makers in the Guild of Saint Luke is published for the first time. The original documents, transcription and translation allow an important understanding of the role and rules of the Antwerp panel makers in constructing and marking their panels for the painters of the day.

The website has moreover been expanded with biographies on the most important and productive panel makers in the Guild of Saint Luke. These include Guilliam Aertssen, as well as the brothers Guilliam and Sanctus Gabron, Michiel and Nicolaes Vrient, and Michiel and Hans of the Claessens family.

The JVDPPP has also published, translated, and updated Jan van Damme’s groundbreaking article ‘The Antwerp panel-makers and their marks’, with his kind permission. It is the most authoritative article on the subject to date and was originally published in Flemish in the 1990 yearbook of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp.

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