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Correspondence address: Hofbouwlaan 28 - 29, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

The Flemish Art Collection is the structural partnership between five art-historical museums in Flanders: the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA), the Groeninge Museum in Bruges, the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent (MSK), M - Museum Leuven and Mu.ZEE in Ostend.  The most important objective of the Flemish Art Collection is to increase the international knowledge of the Flemish Art Collections and the Flemish art-historical museums. 

For this website, the VKC has collected content from various collections-management heritage organisations in Flanders. You will find the logos and links to these partners at the bottom of each webpage.

Intellectual Property Right, Copyright and Public Domain

Texts, images, photographs, logos and other items on this site are protected by copyright and other laws on intellectual property. 

Copies, reproductions, changes, translations, operations, changes to the site, part of this site or the content on this site, in whatever format or method are subjected to strict rules.

The Flemish Art Collection invests a great deal of time and energy for the proper identification of the status of right of the various types of content on its websites. We try to indicate this as well as possible. Because of the complex laws and the many different, and sometimes changing, copyright owners, however, we do not guarantee that this is done without faults. Should you have evidence of a fault with the copyright status, or if you are of the opinion that for specific parts of this website the copyright is violated, then you can immediately contact us at If you have grounds to believe that the copyright on certain works has been infringed, you may contact the Flemish Art Collection by email ( We shall try to help you as quickly as possible. 

Images, their copyright status and the public domain

The copyright is applicable and can be enforced for up to 70 years after the death of an author, artist, photographer, etc. (or his/her authorised rights’ holder). Under each image on this website you will find the copyright status. 

In principle, the works of art of all Baroque artists are without copyright. They belong to the public domain and they can freely be reused.

Images of works with no copyright or other user conditions receive the CC0 entry.

The images of the copyrighted art works on this website (with the designation of ©) may not be reproduced nor downloaded without the consent of the rights holders or their agent. Therefore, any reproduction, adaptation, partial modification, or transmission via TV, cable or the Internet, of this artwork is prohibited without the prior consent of the authors or their agent. 

For this website, the Flemish Art Collection makes use of photos from Lukas, Art in Flanders  ( These high-quality photos were made available by Lukas under strict conditions and may not be reused (free of charge). As such, frequently with these photos there is a notice of © - Art in Flanders. With this we indicate that when you wish to reuse the intended photos, it is best to first contact Lukas, Art in Flanders. Lukas shall then inform you over the conditions for the specific reuse. Lukas can be contacted via

The images not provided by Lukas, Art in Flanders, may also have a copyright designation stated. The reasons for this are largely the same as stated on the photos from Lukas. In addition to the © designation immediately follows the mention of the copyright holder. Here as well it is best to contact the copyright holder before you want to reuse the photo.

To order high-resolution images

For high-resolution images you can contact two organisations. On each web page from this website, the organisation to contact is mentioned:

When there is no instance mentioned, then you should contact the institution that owns the artwork.

If appropriate, Lukas and DAMS Antwerp will refer you to SABAM (or other copyright owners and beneficiaries).

Re-use of public domain data and copyright texts on this website

All descriptive information or so-called data published on this website contain no indication of originality and therefore belong to the public domain. You can thus freely use this information. This website publishes this data under a Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license to make this explicitly clear.

All texts used on this website were made available under the Creative Commons license CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. With each text you will find the indication of the governing copyright status.

CC-BY means that the text can be re-used with a mention of the name of the author (if mentioned) and the source (Website Baroque in the Southern Netherlands, Publisher Flemish Art Collection vzw,, date).

CC-BY-NC means that you can re-use the text under the same condition as with CC-BY, but only for non-commercial re-use. Any commercial re-use is forbidden.

You can find more information about Creative Commons licenses at:

The Flemish Art Collection is working on building a datahub through which all available data can automatically be made available. As soon as this datahub is available, you will find the web address here.


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The Flemish Art Collection places a strong importance upon the fact that the information offered on this website is reliable and up to date. Since the information on collections is directly taken from the registration system of the partner museums, the museums also stand for the guarantee of its quality.

When new collections data, information and images are uploaded, the old data is automatically overwritten. As such, this website remains an active system and the visitor can follow the most recent scientific discoveries. 

In addition to collections data from the registration system, the visitor also receives contextual and supplemental information that can place the art objects in a broader framework. This information must also be reliable and of good quality. Therefore the Flemish Art Collection has specialised art historians for editing its websites.

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The Flemish Art Collection wants to guarantee the privacy of every visitor to this site and does so with due regard for all statutory and other provisions regarding the protection of privacy. The Flemish Art Collection will never reveal nor pass on any information to anyone, except if obliged to do so by an authorised public body. The information will only be used with regard to our service(s), we will never contact you for something that is not related to our services.

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The Flemish Art Collection can collect anonymous or aggregated personal information from non-personal sources, such as browser type or IP address, the operating programme that the visitor uses or the domain name of the website which the visitor uses to get to our website or through which the visitor leaves. This makes it possible for us to optimise our permanent website for our visitors.

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The Flemish Art Collection is not liable for any mistakes on this site. Under no circumstance can the Flemish Art Collection be held liable or responsible for damages, irrespective of the nature arising from the data provided on this site or the incomplete, out-dated or incorrect nature of the data. Nor can the Flemish Art Collection be held liable or responsible for damages, irrespective of the nature, arising from the use of this site.

For links to websites or to web pages of third parties, over which the Flemish Art Collection has no control in terms of content or other characteristics, the Flemish Art Collection can, under no circumstance, be held liable or responsible.

If a provision of these terms and conditions cannot be enforced or conflicts with a mandatory provision, this lack of enforceability or invalidity shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions.

Inquiry regarding the attribution or authenticity

You can provide us with an inquiry regarding the authenticity of a work of art or an attribution of a work of art to a specific artist.

The curators of the Flemish Art Collection, and its partner museums (the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the Groeningemuseum in Bruges, the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, M - Museum Leuven and Mu.ZEE in Ostend) are able to provide an unofficial attribution or authenticity estimate. Estimations are also exclusively upon a visit by the owner of the work or authorised person, namely a legal representative. 

However, we cannot provide an appraisal of value due to ethical reasons. For a possible appraisal you can always contact a recognised appraiser or art dealer in your area (for Belgium: search the Yellow Pages under ‘purchase paintings’ or ‘art auctions’; and for Holland:

For an attribution or authenticity estimate you need to send a few photos of the work of art to us in the highest resolution possible. The photographs should show the work as an entirety, the possible signature of the artist, as well as the verso of the work. Once you have provided high-quality photos of the work of art, they will then be passed along to an expert curator.

Possible information on the provenance of former owners can be of highly valuable information.

The unofficial attribution or authenticity estimate is made by expert curators of the partner museums to the best of their knowledge. Their verdict, however, is never definitive. Moreover, for a more conclusive judgment, the expertise of more experts is necessary. As such, we thus call the attribution or the authenticity estimate ‘unofficial’.

No rights may be given upon the estimation or attribution. The appraisal or the attribution cannot be used for any commercial application. The information provided is protected by copyright and can only be made public and/or reproduced exclusively with the permission of the museum involved. 

We will provide you with the attribution or authenticity estimate as soon as possible.

Neither the Flemish Art Collection, nor the partner museums, nor the personnel of these organisations can be held responsible for an initial estimate or attribution that is found to be incorrect upon further inspection. The Flemish Art Collection likewise does not accept responsibility for previous damage or lost profit.