Landscape with round tower
Aegidius Sadeler


Roelant Savery


Production date
Object number
281 mm x 217 mm

On the left of the print we see a small river flowing into a big stream. In the background some fishermen in their little boat. The centre of the scene is dominated by a large round dilapidated tower, from which lush vegetation grows. This print belongs to a series of four so-called Tyrolean (Central Europe) landscapes. It was to be the second series that Sadeler made after landscape paintings by Savery and which were to have been created between 1606 and 1609. This series would then have been made at about the same time as the six Tyrolean landscapes. The same typical elements return here: crags, waterfalls and a distant mountain.

CC BY (Creative Commons 4.0)

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Landscape with round tower
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