David meets Abigaïl
Object number

oil on canvas

192 cm x 103 cm

This is a fine mountain landscape in the fashion of Joos de Momper. The story is based upon the writings of Samuel (25: 1-15). After the death of Samuel, David travels to the desert Maon where a very influential man, Nabal, lives with his wife Abigail, intelligent and beautiful, according to the Bible. However, her man was surly and ill-natured. David sent ten young men to Nabal in order to greet him, wish him peace and to request a good reception. Nabal brutishly denies him. Upon which angered David set upon a punishment expedition against Nabal with some four hundred soldiers. Abigail, Nabal’s wife, learned of it and departed with her servants along with much bread, meat and figs to David without her husband knowing it. She kneeled before David, offered him her gifts and eloquently asked David to relinquish his wrath of vengeance. When Abigail returned, Nabal gave a great feast and he became very drunk. When he sobered up, Abigail told her man the truth and Nabal’s heart gave out and he died. David then took Abigail as his wife, who gladly assented.

CC BY (Creative Commons 4.0)

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