Expo 'Nieuwe buren'

A change of location leads to new and fascinating encounters. For a brief period, paintings that would otherwise not be seen next to each other are presented together under the heading New Neighbours. These are normally arranged chronologically according to schools of painting in the Alte Pinakothek. As a result surprising correlations are created: Helene Fourment, Rubens' young wife, is pictured as if sitting on a throne, wearing a magnificent gown in front of red drapery. Typically Flemish? Portrait painters in Protestant Holland were, after all, equally familiar with such sumptuous pronk - as, for example, in Frans Hals' depiction of the merchant Willem van Heythuysen from Haarlem in the proud pose of a nobleman. There are also unexpected parallels to be found between the morning sun rising through the mist in Claude Lorrain's Expulsion of Hagar and the bright moon in the night sky in Adam Elsheimer's Flight into Egypt. And Nicolas Poussin? All of a sudden, his mourners in the Lamentation of Christ reveal conspicuous similarities to Rubens' Christ and the Penitent Sinners. This unusual configuration enables famous masterpieces in the Alte Pinakothek to be seen from a different angle and to be explored anew. (taken from the website of the Alte Pinakothek).

New Neighbours.
Rubens, Rembrandt, Poussin and Dutch Masters

June 5 - August 31
Alte Pinakothek, München
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