Groeninge Museum

Garenmarkt 8

8000 Bruges


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The Bruges museum library has a supporting function for the Bruges musea and contains a book and periodicals' collection that reflects the Bruges museum collections and the zeitgeist of these collections, as well as extensive information over museum collections and exhibitions around the globe. There are over circa 20.000 books and some eighty running periodicals. The emphasis of all this lies on the art and life in the (late) Middle Ages in Bruges and the Southern Low Countries. The guiding principle for obtaining informational material is the diverse collections from the various Bruges musea. As a result, the content accent lies on the art of the 14th and 15th Centuries with the Flemish primitives, Bruges in all its aspects, the appropriate area and hospital history. The organising of the timely happenings in these musea leads to the obtainment of necessary information.

The museum library is accessible for everyone during the office hours and by appointment. The publications are only to be consulted on location, inclusive of making copies. The library is wheelchair accessible.