A peasant couple dancing or Village feast
Production date
1640 – 1690
Object number
230 mm x 190 mm

David Teniers the Younger personally made no less than 10 etchings. These were always typical genre scenes. The painting or drawing on which this print was based is unknown. However, we find again various typical figures occurring in Teniers’s paintings: the couple on the seat, the bagpipe player, the dancing pair with the little dog in front of their feet, the man being sick, the sleeping man with his head on the barrel, the man with the red beret sticking his head out of the window, etc. The work of David Teniers was immensely popular, as appears from the enormous mass of 17th and 18th-century prints made after his work by engravers from different countries. Abraham Teniers, who also published David’s Theatrum Pictorum, was one of them. Abraham made a copy after this engraving, for which he first made a drawing in mirror image, which is now in The British Museum in London (England).

CC BY (Creative Commons 4.0)

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