Landscape with the flight into Egypt
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oil on canvas

203 cm x 135 cm

Lucas van Uden was a landscape painter with great talent who was heavily under the influence of Ruben’s painting art. He may have painted the landscape in the background in some of Ruben’s paintings, while Rubens may have painted the personages in the landscapes of Uden. In the lighter portion of the covering, a graphic crown was painted. Is it the crown of the Earl of Culedon (GB), in whose collection the painting was once found? The vast landscape is seen from an elevation, it unfolds itself behind a dark foreground between two coulisses, two sections of trees, the one left in the fore plan, the other to the right, somewhat more recessed. The coulisses, a frequently used technique, provide the landscape with a greater depth. By pushing the right coulisse more to the back, and thus to place the coulisses in perspective, van Uden has created the illusion of an endless vista in a clever way. At the horizon we see a windmill.

CC BY (Creative Commons 4.0)

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