The crucifixion

Other artworks of this artist

The crucifixion
Labore et Constantia
Achilles among the Daughters of Lycomedes
Miracles of Saint Hugh of Lincoln
A Bishop Saint
Portrait of a Canon
The Holy Family
Portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares
Title to Luitprandus' 'Opera, Balthasar I Moretus, 1640'
Title to Hubertus Goltzius' 'Icones imperatorum Romanorum, Balthasar II Moretus, 1645'
Title to Jean Boyvin's 'Le siege de la ville de Dole, Balthasar I Moretus, 1638'
Title to Carlo di Neapoli's 'Anaptyxis ad Fastos P. Ovidii Nasonis'
Title to Bartholomeus de los Rios' 'De hierarchia Mariana, Balthasar I Moretus, 1641'
The Holy Name of Mary
Our Lady of Victory