Wild Boar Hunt - Frans Snijders

Wild Boar Hunt

Frans Snijders
Material : 
oil on canvas
340.0 cm x 196.0 cm
Inventory number: 
Museum Rockoxhuis
17th century

At the beginning of the 17th Century Rubens was without a doubt a very important painter of hunting tableaux. With Rubens, humans always played a very important role in his hunting pieces. Snijders had developed a unique imagery within his hunting tableaux and scarcely painted human figures in them. He painted scenes in which the animals played the main role. This painting bears witness to a very fine technique and a splendid rendering of the animalistic manner. It dates from the years 1620-30, the period in which Snijders’ hunting scenes take on a Baroque look. From 1640 onwards, the production of hunting scenes takes off and the painter Paul De Vos (1596-1678) builds further upon the theme.