The Education of Jupiter - Jacob Jordaens I

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The Education of Jupiter

Jacob Jordaens I
Material : 
oil on panel
75.0 cm x 61.0 cm
Inventory number: 
Museum Rockoxhuis
17th century

After the death of Rubens and Van Dyck, Jordaens became the leading figure in painting in Antwerp. In addition to numerous paintings—both mythological as well as religious—and designs for wall tapestries, Jordaens has left an oeuvre of more than four hundred drawings behind.
Jupiter, or Zeus (in Greek mythology), was the son of Cronus and Rhea. Cronus devoured his own children at birth, but Rhea knew to save Zeus in time and to keep him hidden on Crete, where he was raised by nymphs. The goat, Amalthea, who is depicted above right, suckled Zeus.