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Proverbs - Pieter Brueghel II  - 1595
Horses and cattle attacked by wolves - Roelant Savery
Gregorius Martens, Mayor of Antwerp and Dean of the Guild of Saint Luke
 - Jacob Denys
The Death of the Pharaoh - Hans (III) Jordaens
The Last Supper - Jacob Jordaens I - 1654 - 1655
The dream of Saint Joseph - Gerard Seghers
The prodigal son - Peter Paul Rubens - 1618
The baptism of Christ - Peter Paul Rubens - 1604 - 1605
 The sleeping Venus - Jacob Jordaens I
The Citizens of Antwerp bring back to Saint Norbert the Monstrance and other Sacred Vessels that they had hidden from Tankelin - Cornelis de Vos - 1630