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Saint Rosa of Lima - Artus Quellinus (II)
Saint Ivo of Brittany - Jacob Jordaens I
 The Assumption of the Virgin - Jacob Jordaens I - 1650 - 1655
The dream of Saint Joseph - Gerard Seghers
The Citizens of Antwerp bring back to Saint Norbert the Monstrance and other Sacred Vessels that they had hidden from Tankelin - Cornelis de Vos - 1630
Saint Norbert Recieves the Garment of his Order - Gerard Seghers
Holy Virgin surrounded by Saints - Peter Paul Rubens
Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata
 - Peter Paul Rubens - 1633
 Christ on the Cross with Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Dominic and an Angel - Anthony van Dyck - 1622 - 1627
Portiuncula - Pieter Thijs