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Madonna with the infant Jesus - Lucas Faydherbe - circa 1675
Laocoön - Anoniem
Saint Rosa of Lima - Artus Quellinus (II)
Saint Peter - Artus Quellinus I - 1658
Tomb of Monseigneur Antonius Triest - Jerôme Duquesnoy II
Tomb of Monseigneur Carolus Maes - Rombaut Pauwels
Tomb of Monseigneur Carolus van den Bosch - Gery Picq
Altar Garden
The Lady Chapel, or the Burial Chapel of the Houtappel Family - Peter Paul Rubens - 1621 - 1625
Aeneas, Carrying his Father Anchises, Escapes from Burning Troy
 - Artus Quellinus I