Madonna with the infant Jesus - Lucas Faydherbe - circa 1675

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Madonna with the infant Jesus

Lucas Faydherbe
circa 1675
Material : 
carrara marble
36.0 cm x 68.0 cm x 40.0 cm
Inventory number: 
Museum Rockoxhuis
17th century Madonnas and Child

Fayd’herbe was employed as an architect and sculptor in Mechelen. He spent part of his training under Rubens, where he primarily learned the expression of form of the Baroque, which he translated into sculpture.
He conceived this Madonna and child at the highpoint of his career, circa 1675. The image exudes a Baroque expressivity, with full attention for minute rendering and detail. It shares many likenesses with the image of Maria and the Infant Jesus before Saint Ignatius in the Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral.