Bouquet in a Niche - Osias Beert - circa 1603 - 1605

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Bouquet in a Niche

Osias Beert
circa 1603 - 1605
Material : 
oil on panel
52.0 cm x 74.0 cm
Inventory number: 
Museum Rockoxhuis
17th century

There are no works cited in the Rockox inventory by Beert, however, there are indeed paintings from representatives of the Bruegel dynasty. Osias Beert was, along with Jan I Brueghel (1568-1625) a pioneer in the history of the self-standing floral still life at the beginning of the 17th Century. Both artists, who each had many followers in their wake, were masters in the creation of exquisite floral displays, whereby each flower is brought to light at the most attractive moment of its existence and the rendering is the fruit of profound observation. The flowers depicted in this bouquet grow in various seasons and could never in reality be displayed in the same vase. Such bouquets point towards the transitory nature of existence on the earth.