Jan Erasmus Quellinus

Jan Erasmus Quellinus is an Antwerp painter and draftsman and comes from an artistic family. He is the son of the artist Erasmus (II) Quellinus (1607-1678), who trains him in the painter's trade. The physiognomy of his figures goes back to the oeuvre of his father. Quellinus takes the Classicism of his father even further, joining up with Paolo Veronese (1528-1588), borrowing grandeur and all types of dynamic details. Notably in that regard is the usage of Palladian architectural elements in his paintings. While his father was never in Italy, Jan Erasmus Quellinus indeed travels to the Italian Peninsula. Among others, he copies the work of Veronese.

The painter completes a large number of monumental altarpieces and other religious works for abbeys and cloisters in Brabant. Quellinus enjoys a successful career.


Jan Erasmus Quellinus is born in Antwerp.

Circa 1649

Quellinus is trained by his father.

Circa 1657-1659

The artist stays in Rome.

Circa 1660-1661

Quellinus stays in Venice. A clear indication of this is given by the drawing Madonna with Saints, in the style of Veronese (Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam). The inscription on the drawing reads: J.E. Quellinus F. inventia AN 1660.

In Rome, Quellinus joins the Schildersbent, a group consisting of artists from the North. He receives the nickname Cederboom there.

The artist becomes Free Master in the Antwerp Saint Luke Guild.


Jan Erasmus Quellinus and Cornelia Teniers, the daughter of painter David (II) Teniers (1610-1690) are married.


Quellinus receives a commission for paintings destined for the Antwerp Saint Michael's Abbey. One of the four remaining works is The Well of Bethesda from the collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Circa 1680

Quellinus stays in Vienna and works for the Habsburg court. He becomes court painter of Emperor Leopold I. Among other works, the artist makes 15 ceiling paintings regarding the life of Karel V. (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna)


Miracle of Saint Hugh of Lincoln is painted in this year (KMSKA, Antwerp).


Quellinus makes the painting The Nativity (KMSKA, Antwerp).


The painting Saint Francis Xavier before the Emperor of Japan comes about this year. (Our Lady of Saint Peter's Church, Ghent).


The artist stays in Mechelen.

11 March 1715

Jan Erasmus Quellinus dies in Mechelen.

Matthias Depoorter